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What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my party?

Weather Policy

We have one of the most flexible weather policies out of most party rental companies in town. You have until the time our drivers setup at your location to cancel, and not lose your deposit. Even if our drivers get there and it's raining, let us know you want to cancel and reschedule and we will issue you store credit for any amount paid which you can use towards a new reservation.

You can also choose to reschedule your reservation prior to your event anytime. This is convenient if you want to alert your guest days beforehand and plan for another date. Keep in mind however that weather reports change so much from day to day and can be highly inaccurate. What's worse is that it may rain for 1 hour in one part of the city and then be sunny the rest of the day.

If it rains after we have already setup, you are responsible for full payment. Keep in mind that if it rains partially during your party, you can always continue use after it rains. We do recommend drying your party rentals off with a towel to avoid slipping. You should also insure that any blowers and electrical plugs stay as dry as possible. Adult supervision is required at all times while kids play inside of an inflatable. During bad weather, it is quite common for high winds to come in. You should turn the inflatable off if wind speeds exceed 15 miles per hour.

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Updated on: 08/11/2022

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