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How to make changes to a scheduled event.

Login to your my account page anytime to see any upcoming orders and make changes.

You can add products anytime up until 24hrs before your party. To make any additions or subtractions to your reservation you will need to give us a call. You are able to remove items from your order however that were added from your my account area.

If you need to make changes to your delivery/ pick up windows or contact info preferences click on the confirmation page link titled Confirmation or Confirm Order.

Should you need to cancel your order at anytime simply press the gray Cancel Button located at the bottom of the my account page.

A popup will appear to confirm your intention to cancel your reservation which you need to confirm.

All payments will be converted to Store credit for your next party reservation. Simply log in to your my account next time you want to place a new order and your store credit will be applied.

If you are having trouble logging in to your account, call us or try the I forgot my password option. We also recommend searching your email for a copy of your my account password emailed to customers when they placed their first reservation with us.

If you have general questions we are available for chat 24hrs a day. Call us at (281) 606-5867 or nationally at 1-855-627-7594 Email responses within 24hrs available at

If an inflatable collapses, exit children and check the electrical breaker. Most times the breaker will turn off from too much power. If Wind speeds exceed 15mph turn the inflatable off and exit the inflatable.

Before renting an inflatable, call 811 to have water lines flagged. Only allow us to setup away from sprinkler lines. We are not responsible for damage to sprinkler lines, especially after staking inflatables down to the ground where you ask.

Gate entrances must be 3.5ft wide or larger for most inflatables. We are not responsible for damage to gates that are severely rusted or rotting during transportation of the inflatable. We are not responsible for damage to grass during transportation or normal use of an inflatable.

Updated on: 27/06/2022

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