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How should riders prepare to ride the bull?

Riders should ensure that they remove keys, footwear, eye wear, cell phones, neck wear and any sharp items on their person.

All riders should be prepared to be thrown from the bull. No other riders should enter the inflatable until the previous rider has vacated the inflatable.

If you have any pre-existing injuries or are pregnant you should not ride the bull. Riders that are severely incapacitated should also not ride a mechanical bull.

If you have general questions we are available for chat 24hrs a day. Call us at (281) 606-5867 or nationally at 1-855-627-7594 Email responses within 24hrs available at

If an inflatable collapses, exit children and check the electrical breaker. Most times the breaker will turn off from too much power. If Wind speeds exceed 15mph turn the inflatable off and exit the inflatable. Supervision is required at all times

Before renting an inflatable, call 811 to have water lines flagged. Only allow us to setup away from sprinkler lines. We are not responsible for damage to sprinkler lines, especially after staking inflatables down to the ground where you ask.

Gate entrances must be 3.5ft wide or larger for most inflatables. We are not responsible for damage to gates that are severely rusted or rotting during transportation of the inflatable. We are not responsible for damage to grass during transportation or normal use of an inflatable.

Updated on: 26/06/2022

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