Step 1 Log In To Your ERS System And Go To The Admin Tab And Click Products And Product Sharing.

Step 2 Click On "Quick Select"

Did you know that you can increase your sales by partnering with us?

Step 3 Enter Sky High Party Rental's Name "nationwide" Into The Recipient Name

Step 4 Now Enter The Set Cost Percentage You'd Like To Receive. In this example, they decided to give us a 15% percent discount off their orders.

So 100-15 = 85, therefore they will get 85%

Step 5 Click Submit

Step 6 Enter Your Company & The Email You'd Like To Get Booked Order Notifications

Step 7 Next We Are Going To Export Your Service Areas, So We Can Know What Zipcodes and Areas You Deliver To & How Much You Charge For Delivery.

Click Admin > Order Config > Service Areas

Step 8 Where It Says Browse Mode, Click On Import & Export Mode

Step 9 Now Click Export. This Will Download On Show Up In Your Download Folder
This Will Allow Us To See What Areas You Service & Your Delivery Fees Via Spreadsheet That Way We Can Add It To Our System

Step 10 Send This File To Our Email With Your Company Name

Email the file to
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